Bruce Springsteen and Sir Paul McCartney

So Goodbye! then, the appalling noise emanating from Bruce Springsteen and Sir Paul McCartney, as the organisers of the Hard Rock Calling event in London’s Hyde Park somewhat peremptorily switch off their microphones in compliance with the terms of their licence from Westminster Council.

As is his custom, Springsteen had played for over three hours, which sounds like good value until you realise that he only ever had two hits and that he can make them both last for a good 90 minutes, including a 20-minute drum solo at the end of each “song” to round things off. This drum solo of course also indicates that the elderly red-neck Springsteen has just finished one song and is about to start another, or that your torment is nearly at an end and he’ll be finished soon.

After three hours of torture, as a sop to his more discerning customers, Springsteen eventually got someone else on stage to play a third song, in the form of the somewhat elderly and prematurely red-haired Lord McCartney of Scouse.

The plan was for these two elderly gentlemen to perform two Beatles hits: “I Saw Her Twisting There” and “Stand and Shout.”

As Lord McCartney also has a penchant for making all of his similar-sounding songs last a good 30 minutes, the organisers took mercy on their paying customers and nearby residents (who probably included the long-dead Eva Rausing) and pulled the plug on the sound system.

The crowd then started to boo loudly, and after standing around looking baffled for a while, which the audience took to be signs of dementia and excessive drug use, the performers realised that they were un-amplified and left the stage.

Both Bruce Springsteen and Lord McCartney of Scouse are 94.

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