Sir David Frost

So Goodbye, Good Evening and Welcome! then, Sir David Frost, who has died of a heart attack on board a cruise ship. of all places.

David Frost

This most over-blown of TV “personalities” had a career lasting over six decades, notwithstanding that his father was a typically enlightened Methodist preacher, who banned Sunday newspapers and television from his household

This didn’t stop Frost from joining The Cambridge Footlights along with other show-biz luminaries as Peter Cook, John Bird and the mega-genius polymath, Jonathan Miller.

His big break in television came with the launch in November 1962 of “That Was the Week, That Was” in which Millicent Martin sang the opening song and won the hearts and loins of millions of adolescent men, but then the pompous Frost proceeded to bore us silly for the rest of the hour with un-funny monologues and cod interviews.

When TW3 was canned, he then embarked on a series of eponymous programmes entitled: “The Frost Report,” “The Frost Programme,” “Frost on Sunday,” and perhaps the best-known series of series, “The Frost Identity,” “The Frost Supremacy,” “The Frost Ultimatum,” and most recently, “The Frost Legacy.” [Are you sure about these? Ed.]

Despite monopolising our screens of the best part of 60 years, he was of course best known for his impersonation of Michael Sheen in a series of five interviews with Frank Langella, in which this hoary old method actor successfully outwitted him.

In addition to this spectacularly successful series of series, Frost was also a television mogul, being instrumental in setting up LWT in 1967 and TV-am in 1983.

However, like his alter-ego Jason Bourne, he also crossed over to the enemy at one point in his career, working for the Middle East-based Muslim propaganda mouthpiece Al Jazeera (English) since 2006, under the pseudonym “Sir David Haw-Haw.” [Are you sure we should be inflaming an already fairly inflamed situation in the Middle East? Ed.]

Sir David was a regular speaker on Cunard liners, and the one on which he met his end is currently on a 22-night tour of the Mediterranean, taking in the utterly destroyed economies of Spain, France, Italy and Greece.

Following a ‘code alpha’ at 8.30 p.m. on the first night of the cruise, a steward found him dead in his suite.

The captain announced Sir David’s death during his routine midday broadcast on Sunday and a source on board said the mostly British guests took the sad news with stiff upper lips, because most of them were probably jubilant that they wouldn’t have to listen to the senile old windbag whilst on their holidays.

However, they will have to risk the sailor’s curse of cruising with a dead body on board, because The QE’s first scheduled stop is in Lisbon early Tuesday morning. Let’s hope the skipper isn’t Italian and isn’t travelling with his girlfriend on the bridge!

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