Nelson Mandela

So Goodbye! then, Nelson Mandela, the mostly saintly and revered of all living politicians.

george bush senior

Or is it?

Apparently not!

Only in the mind of George Bush Sr, or perhaps more accurately, in the mind of Jim McGrath, spokesman for Mr Bush.

Mr McGrath seems even keener on jumping onto the: “Nelson Mandela is Dead – Oh my god, what are we all going to do without him? We’ll have to start a foundation, in which people send us $millions that we can live off for time immemorial!” bandwagon than Mandela’s own family.

This incident raises some important questions; for example.

Why does a senile ex-one-term President of the USA, out of office for 20 years, need a spokesman?

What kind of person would take that job?

Seemingly someone who can’t read press releases.

Mr McGrath later tweeted and emailed the following statement:

“The statement sent this morning was the result of my mis-reading the header on the WaPo news flash. Stupid mistake by me. Apologies to all.”

Nelson Mandela, 95, subsequently tweeted his condolences on the death aged 89 of George Bush Sr, which shows that he still has a lively sense of humour.

[No, he didn’t! Ed.]

Didn’t he?

[No. Ed.]

My bad! Stupid mistake by me. Apologies to all. Staff Reporter

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