george bush senior

Nelson Mandela

So Goodbye! then, Nelson Mandela, the mostly saintly and revered of all living politicians. Or is it? Apparently not! Only in the mind of George Bush Sr, or perhaps more accurately, in the mind of Jim McGrath, spokesman for Mr Bush. Mr McGrath seems even keener on jumping onto the: “Nelson Mandela is… Continue reading

Eva before

Eva Rausing

So Goodbye! then, Eva Rausing, who probably died from a drugs overdose, but unfortunately, nobody knows when, least of all her addled husband, who decided to embalm her in plastic bin-bags, clothing and bedding when he finally began to notice the stink.   Eva, herself a rich kid, met the billionaire Hans Kristian, whilst… Continue reading

A passport photo: a thing of the past?

Brodie Clark

So Goodbye! then, Brodie Clark, the £135,000-a-year head of UK Border Force, who has been suspended Home Secretary Theresa May after “relaxing” (for which read: “unilaterally abandoning”) passport vetting procedures at Britain’s frontiers. A passport photo: a thing of the past? Apparently, Mr Clark decided that he didn’t want queues of illegal immigrants… Continue reading

Amy Winebox catches sight of her reflection in St Peter's hall mirror.

Amy Winebox

So Goodbye! then, Amy Winebox, aged 27, whose long-overdue death was announced today. Amy Winebox catches sight of her reflection in St Peter's hall mirror. Many tributes were paid to her strenuous efforts to kill herself and the truly epic scale of her dissolute, drug and drink-raddled life. People mentioned the fact that she had……

An Unknown Commuter

So Goodbye! then, An Unknown Commuter, who was decapitated after falling under the last northbound tube, at around 1.30 am Sunday morning, on the Metropolitan Line near Chalfont & Latimer station, whilst trying to have a quick smoke. Clearly unable to undergo a short journey on public transport, subject to the legal ban on smoking,…