Equality and Fairness for House Owners

So Goodbye! then, Equality and Fairness for House Owners, as David Cameron considers compelling taxpayer to take on the mortgage risks of first-time buyers. This will be achieved through a guarantee which will permit lenders to provide mortgages with significantly lower deposits than the 20 per cent or more that is currently required, but the…

A passport photo: a thing of the past?

Brodie Clark

So Goodbye! then, Brodie Clark, the £135,000-a-year head of UK Border Force, who has been suspended Home Secretary Theresa May after “relaxing” (for which read: “unilaterally abandoning”) passport vetting procedures at Britain’s frontiers. A passport photo: a thing of the past? Apparently, Mr Clark decided that he didn’t want queues of illegal immigrants… Continue reading

Silvio Bloodied but Unbowed

Silvio Berlusconi

So Arrivederci! then, Silvio Berlusconi, probably the most scandal-ridden world leader of all time. Silvio the Sensible Despite the messy divorce, the teenage companions, the bunga bunga parties, the permanent whiff of corruption, the hair implants, the built-up heels, the corsets, the permanent sun tan, the glamorous starlets and showgirls photographed taking topless showers… Continue reading

Do 'ave a Dubonnet

Barack Obama and Nicolas Sarkozy

So Au Revoir and Goodbye! then, Barack Obama and Nicolas Sarkozy, who made themselves look exceedingly stupid with a classic “Gordon Brown Open Mic Moment.” During talks on the sidelines of the G20 summit in Cannes last week, the Dynamic Duo, believing they were having a private chat, embarked on some plain speaking, unaware that…

Politics can be rough.

“Colonel” Muammar Gaddafi

So Allah yisallimak! then, “Colonel” Muammar Gaddafi, the latest Middle Eastern dictator to be dragged out of a hole in the ground as a consequence of the glorious “Arab Spring,” incidentally aided and abetted by western military aid. Politics can be rough. However, Gaddafi’s fate appears to have been somewhat… Continue reading