I speak for Him and we are infallible!

The Roman Catholic Church XI

So Arrividerci! then, The Roman Catholic Church, as in one short and simple sentence, Pope Frances utterly renounces its purpose by stating that god will forgive atheists. I speak for Him and we are infallible! Going forward therefore, what possible purpose can the church serve, other than to continue… Continue reading

Veil burkha 1


So Au Revoir and Allah Yisallimak! then, Ramadan, as four French Muslim summer camp workers are sacked on the first day of this strange religious “event,” which is the Islamic equivalent of Lent. The workers Continue reading

The Obedient Wives Club Sex Manual

So Doi noh ko noh! then, The Obedient Wives Club Sex Manual, as Malaysian authorities plan to outlaw a book about “Islamic sex” written and published by a group of Muslim women called The Obedient Wives Club. In it, they advocate complete subservience to husbands and to their wishes in every regard and club leaders…

Probably not a real Amish man

Amish Solidarity

So Farewell! then, Amish solidarity, as seven apostates are arrested on “hate crime” charges following alleged “haircutting attacks” against other Amish men and women. The arrested men are said to be members of a breakaway group of Amish who forcefully cut the beards and hair of Amish men and women during September and October 2011.…

A mad old man

The Roman Catholic Church X

So Ave! then, The Roman Catholic Church, yet again, as Father Gabriele Amorth, appointed chief exorcist for the Diocese of Rome in 1986, (which in itself tells you quite a lot!) claims that yoga is “Satanic” leading as it does (for no-one except Father Amorth) to a “worship of Hinduism,” which is very bad because…