Al-Masry 3 - 1 Al-Ahly; scenes that would warm the heart of every Millwall fan.

74 (approx) Egyptians

So Ma’as salaama! then, 74 (approx) Egyptians, crushed, suffocated or stabbed to death in a riot at the end of a football match in Port Said.  The dead include several members of the ground security staff and one policeman, and there were a further 248 people injured. Fans of home team Al-Masry invaded the pitch…

Trust me, I could never lie!

Bernard Charles Ecclestone Esq

So Goodbye! then, yet again, Bernard Charles Ecclestone Esq, who has incriminated himself in a German court during his evidence at the fraud trial of banker Gerhard Gribkowsky. Trust me, I could never lie! Gribkowsky is charged with receiving corrupt payments (to whit £27million from Ecclestone and/ or Bambino Holdings, his family trust)… Continue reading

Dan Wheldon

Dan Wheldon

So Goodbye! then, Dan Wheldon, two-time Indianapolis 500 winner and 2005 IndyCar Series champion, who has died aged 33 from injuries sustained in a multi-car crash at the IndyCar Series finale at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Dan Wheldon Wheldon was racing for a half-share in a $5 million challenge to win the race, so… Continue reading

Ecclestone: “Y’know Ken, this team-owning lark is a bust – if you ever want to make any real money out of F1, come and see me.” Tyrrell: “Fuck off, Ecclestone – I’m far too busy trying to win races and entertain the public.”

Bernard Charles (Bernie) Ecclestone

So Goodbye! then, Bernard Charles (Bernie) Ecclestone, who has owned up to giving $44 million (£27m) to Gerhard Gribkowsky, a former banker, but has denied it was a bribe. [caption id=”attachment_3665″ align=”aligncenter” width=”300″ caption=”Ecclestone: “Y’know Ken, this team-owning lark is a bust – if you ever want to make any real money out of F1,…

Soul Brother

Lewis Hamilton, former “Golden Boy” of British motor racing

So Goodbye! then, former “Golden Boy” of British motor racing, Lewis Hamilton, who has added to his growing status as the “Bad Boy” of British motor racing by adding racism to the various other problems that have enveloped him in recent times. Soul Brother We at Goodbye! magazine sensed trouble when we read… Continue reading